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Frequently asked questions

Got more questions? Here’s what potential members often ask.


What is Benefit Pocket?

Benefit Pocket is the app that guides and rewards you for healthy choices every day. Be it joining a spin class, buying yoga gear, learning how to create a Low Tox home or sleeping better.

We empower you to make healthy choices through cashbacks in our Partner brands or by enrolling in expert-led courses on various topics.

You’ll be joining a growing community that supports innovative brands and businesses with body, mind, and life balance at their core.

What can I do on the app?

Earn CASHBACK, browse CONTENT and take COURSES.

Receive cashbacks from available offers in the app. Simply purchase eligible products from a Benefit Pocket Partner using the payment card you have added to the app, and you will receive the cashback automatically!

Enrol in an immersive learning experience through one of our Courses curated by instructors who are leading experts in their field. If you purchase the Expert Access upgrade for your courses, you also can also message experts directly as you are putting your learnings to practice.

Benefit Pocket’s T&Cs apply to both the cashback offers and the courses. Click here to find out more.

What businesses are part of the Benefit Pocket Partner network?

Benefit Pocket Partners share our belief that healthier lifestyle choices should more easily fit everyone’s pocket. We can all be part of a better world through a more connected community.

Our network includes groceries, fitness classes, essential oils, and local cafes. We’re always building our Partner network to bring you more offers.

Who are the people behind Benefit Pocket?

Benefit Pocket is part of the Bupa family of companies. While we come with the reassurance of a large organisation, we very much operate with the nimble mindset of a start-up.

Who is Benefit Pocket for?

Anyone and everyone over the age of 16 who takes an interest in health and wellbeing! Sign up for free to browse the cashback offers and courses that we have to offer.

How old is Benefit Pocket?

Launched for iOS and Android to the public on October 26th 2021.

Getting started

How do I join the Benefit Pocket community?

It’s very easy! Download the Benefit Pocket app from either the App Store or Google PlayTM store. You are now part of our community!

You will need to sign-up as a Benefit Pocket member to access courses. For cashback rewards, you will need to add a valid Visa or Mastercard prior to making a purchase.

How do I reset my password?

On the Benefit Pocket Login / Sign-up screen, go to “Log in” and then “Forgot Password”. Enter the email address associated with your Benefit Pocket account. You’ll then receive an email prompting you to reset your password.

If you signed up with Apple, Google or Facebook, you will be unable to use the password reset function and will need to sign in with the same platform (either Apple, Google or Facebook) again.

Why do I need to add my card?

Our payments are powered through card linking technology. This is handy because you will automatically receive any cashback associated with an eligible transaction without needing to do anything else.

How do I add my card?

In the Benefit Pocket App, click on the “Profile” button in the bottom right-hand corner. This will take you to the account screen.

Go to “Link cashback card” and then “Add Card”. Benefit Pocket connects to Visa and Mastercard, but we do not service Amex or EFTPOS branded cards.

You can also add multiple cards if you want, you'll just need to keep track of which one is used for each transaction, as the cashback will be processed into the card that was used to make the payment.

Can I add a payment card I share with someone else?

Each payment card can only be added once. So if you add the credit or debit card to your account, someone else won’t be able to add the same card.

How does Cashback work?

Sign up, add your card, make a transaction, and if you meet all the requirements, you will receive the cashback! 

  • Sign up as a Benefit Pocket member via the app and add a Visa or Mastercard card to your account. Other types of cards including AMEX or EFTPOS branded cards are currently not supported. You can add more than one card to your account.
  • Shop directly from a Benefit Pocket Partner using any of your added cards. Depending on the terms of the specific offer, this can be via in-store or through the Partner’s website. Please also see the excluded transactions section below.
  • You won’t see your cashback amount when you do your transaction. However, as long as you have met the offer and Benefit Pocket’s cashback requirements, your cashback will automatically be paid to your payment card.
  • Sit back and enjoy your savings. Cashbacks typically take between 30 to 90 days to show up in your bank statements.

Check out the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the other sections of this FAQ for further details about the cashback offers.

Which transactions are excluded from Cashback?

As we are building out our payment technology, we cannot provide cashback rewards on some types of transactions. To make things super clear for you, here are the only kinds of transactions that we can support:

  • Transactions conducted via physical card tap or insert in a physical merchant terminal; or
  • Transactions conducted online using a payment card; or
  • Transactions conducted online using ApplePay, GooglePay or SamsungPay

Of course, you will have to have added your payment card in the app before making these transactions.

Unfortunately, if you paid using any Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services such as Afterpay, Humm or Klarna or if you used express checkouts such as PayPal, we won't be able to give you your cashback.

Offers and Cashbacks

What are Cashback offers?

Offers are cashback rewards that are available to you when you spend on eligible products with our Benefit Pocket Partners.

The offers that are available on the app will change from time to time. To check out the current offers, head to the “Discover” section in your app.

Check out the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the other sections of this FAQ for further details about the offers.

Will I see the cashback amount in my cart when I shop online?

No, you won’t!

Pay the full price upfront with the card that you have added to the app and receive your cashback within 30-90 days of completing the transaction. Cashback will be in accordance with the rate (e.g., 10%) and terms and conditions (e.g., minimum spend requirements) specified by each partner, which you will be able to see under each offer in the app.

Why are some offers locked?

Some offers can only be unlocked upon completing certain milestones in our Signature or Mini Courses.

How do I ensure that I receive my cashback?

As long as you've added a Visa or Mastercard to your account before any transactions, purchases you make with our partners that meet the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the terms and conditions of the offer will earn you the cashback rewards.

Also see “How does Cashback work?”.

What happens if I didn’t Pocket the offer?

Pocketing an offer will allow you to save offers you are interested in. Offers that you have Pocketed will appear in the “Saved” section.

You don’t have to Pocket an offer to be able to redeem it. Offers will be honoured as long as you have made an eligible transaction that meets the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the specific cashback offer terms.

Will I be notified of a cashback immediately?

If you have notifications activated, you should receive a notification of your transaction within 7 days. This will also appear as "Processing" in the ‘Pocket’ section of the app.

When will I receive my cashback?

Cashbacks that are pending are processed after the refund period for each merchant.

This could be anywhere between 30 to 90 days of your qualifying transaction. You should also allow for an additional 7 days for cashbacks to appear in your financial statement.

What does a ‘Processing' transaction mean?

"Processing" means your transaction meets the offer requirements. It usually takes 7 days for this to be validated and for it to appear as "Processing" in your app. After this, it will take another 30 to 90 days to be paid into your account and show as "Redeemed" in your app.

Where can I see my total savings?

Click on the 'Pocket' icon in the Benefit Pocket App, then the dollar sign (top right) to see your total savings.

What if I join multiple cashback programs like Benefit Pocket?

If the Benefit Pocket Partner offer is also available on another platform that you have joined, and you have also registered the payment card on the other platform, then the best offer between both platforms is rewarded to you.

If the offers are identical, the platform the partner first joined will process the cashback.

What happens to my processing transactions if my card is cancelled?

Attempts will still be made to pay the cashback into your original card used for the transaction. If rejected, the cashback will be paid to another card added to your Benefit Pocket account. If no other card has been added, don’t stress! Our Customer Support team will reach out to arrange your cashback.

What happens to processing transactions when I close my Benefit Pocket account?

If you wish to close your account immediately, you can choose to forgo any transactions that are still processing at the time. Otherwise, if you choose to wait until all processing cashbacks have been completed before closing your account, your account closure process will only be completed once this is done.


What are Courses?

At Benefit Pocket, we know that it can be frustrating and complex to manage your health at times. That's why we've brought together experts, tools and tips as well as great content to create immersive learning experiences designed to help empower you to lead a healthier and happier life.

How are the Courses delivered?

Each course is unique and can include a variety of videos, audio and PDFs (downloadable worksheets and workbooks) for you to work through at your own pace.

What is the difference between a Signature Course and a Mini Course?

Signature Courses

In-depth learning designed and delivered by experts. They typically include 10-15 on-demand video modules, downloadable course materials, and access to special discounts with partner brands at course completion. Expert Access upgrade is only available for Signature Courses.

Mini Courses

Shorter courses designed in partnership with amazing brands to give you a head start on the hot topics. This will include on-demand video modules and downloadable course materials.

What is Expert Access?

Direct messaging with course experts for 3 months!

An opportunity to ask for guidance and feedback as you take your course learnings into your everyday life. You will also receive a welcome gift box.

Check out the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the other sections of this FAQ for further details about Expert Access.

How much does it cost for a Course?

You can buy a quarterly subscription for $72 per quarter which includes unlimited access to all courses. Alternatively, you may also purchase individual courses for the prices as listed in the app.

Check out the Benefit Pocket T&Cs and the other sections of this FAQ for further details about the Subscription.

What do I get with my Subscription?

If you pay for a Subscription, you will receive ongoing access to all Signature and Mini Courses and all new courses as they become available.

Who are the Course creators?

Experts in their field!

Be Low Tox: Alexx Stuart

Be Relaxed: Jo Buick

Be MPowered: Dr Ginni Mansberg, Prof. Cassandra Szoeke, Dr Amanda Waaldyk, Psychologist Leanne Hall and Women’s Stylist Amelia McFarlane.

Be Radiant: Dermal Therapist Yads Cauchi and Solbari

Be Recovered: Professor Shona Halson, former Recovery Director of the Aussie Olympic Team

Mini Courses: 

Be High Vibing: Hartroks

Be Calm: Aromatherapy specialist and author Pat Princi-Jones

Be Uplifted: Phil Kayumba

Do I have to complete the Course within a specific time frame?

Courses are designed for you to work through them at your own pace. However, you will only have 3 months of access to individually purchased courses from the day they go live or from the day you’ve purchased your course, whichever is later.

Subscriptions give you ongoing access to the relevant Courses as long as they are available on the app. The 3-month time frame does not apply.

Am I able to interact with my course instructor/expert?

Absolutely! In any Signature Course, you can upgrade to Expert Access to have our experts guide and provide you feedback through messaging for 3 months as you move along/complete the course.

What topics are covered in each course?

Take a sneak peek at course topics by following these steps:

  1. Click on “Courses”
  2. Scroll or swipe to your course of interest and click “Get started”
  3. Scroll down to see topics

Course trailers also available on the app and the Benefit Pocket website.

Can I download the content?

Yes. Written content provided as part of a Course is available to download for use offline.

Bupa Health Insurance Members

What does linking my Bupa Health Insurance membership give me access to?

By linking your Bupa Health Insurance membership to your Benefit pocket account, you’ll get access to elevated cashback offers and complimentary access to our Courses.

See our FAQ for Offers and Cashback and Courses for more details.

Does everyone on my Bupa Health Insurance membership get this exclusive access?

Yes, everyone under your Bupa Health Insurance membership is entitled to this exclusive access. Each member will need to sign up for their own Benefit Pocket account.

If I update my details in my Benefit Pocket account, will that automatically update my Bupa Health Insurance membership?

Bupa Health Insurance and Benefit Pocket are separate businesses. Any personal information shared with us will be used for servicing your experience with us at Benefit Pocket and may be used for Benefit Pocket marketing. We do not transfer any of this personal information to Bupa.

If you need to update your details with Bupa Health Insurance, please get in touch with them directly.

How long will I have access to Benefit Pocket?

Once you have linked your Bupa Health Insurance membership to Benefit Pocket, you will have continued access to the elevated cashback offers and free courses for as long as your policy is active.

If you cancel your Bupa Health Insurance membership, you will no longer get access to elevated cashback offers that are available for Bupa Health Insurance members. There will also be a fee if you choose to continue to access our Courses.

I have 2 Bupa Health Insurance policies, which membership number should I link?

All Bupa Health Insurance policy holders receive the same elevated rewards with us, so either health insurance membership can be used.

Do you share my data with Bupa?

When you trust us with your data, we are committed to keeping that trust. The information we collect from you either directly or indirectly will be used to deliver the services through Benefit Pocket and may be used for Benefit Pocket marketing.  Your data will not be shared with Bupa for any purposes.

We may share with Bupa Health Insurance de-identified anonymised data on how users interact with Benefit Pocket to improve and further develop Benefit Pocket. Our Privacy Policy will have more details. 


How can I join the Benefit Pocket Partner Network?

You can express interest in becoming a Benefit Pocket Partner here.

How do you select the partners on the App?

Our partners support our members’ health and wellbeing and share our same belief that through a more connected community we can all be part of a better world.

I’d love to see a particular health and wellbeing brand on Benefit Pocket, how can I let you know?

Let us know here!

Our team will work our hardest to bring partners with common values and beliefs on board!

How often are new partners and offers added to the App?

Every few weeks! Revisit Benefit Pocket to discover new offers.

Privacy and Security

How will you use my personal information?

When you use Benefit Pocket, you trust us with your personal information in exchange for real value towards your health and wellbeing. We are committed to keeping that trust. We take your privacy very seriously and comply with our obligations under relevant laws. For detailed information of what personal data we collect and how we use it, please read our Privacy Policy.

What is the payment infrastructure behind Benefit Pocket?

Benefit Pocket uses Loyalty Now card linking technology that is built on an enterprise grade payments system with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance supported by VISA, MasterCard, and EFTPOS. This is the highest and most stringent of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Contact Us

Support and Feedback

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here and we’ll aim to get back to you within two business days. Our working hours are 8:30am to 5pm (AEST) Mondays to Fridays.


Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Submit a ticket to our support team here.